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The Rathjen Physical Therapy clinic offers a welcoming atmosphere and the convenience of six private treatment rooms where patients can be cared for one-on-one.

State-of-the-art equipment coupled with a large gymnasium in the 4,300 square foot building sets the tone for a wide range of recovery options.

The clinic was founded by Andrew Rathjen in 2004 and moved to its current facility in November of 2013. Independently owned and operated, Rathjen PT emphasizes personal, individualized care.

Continue through the site for more information on our clinic, treatment options and services, as well as our commitment to top-quality patient care, and what to expect and bring with you on your first visit.


Finding a caring specialist in the field of Physical Therapy can be hard. At Rathjen P.T., we emphasis individualized, professional relationships with each of our patients. Providing the latest in modern techniques and care. We thank you for choosing us for your rehabilitation needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


We understand that you might have some questions before consulting a Physical Therapist, or even if the practice is right for you and your particular situation or injury recovery. Below is a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

Your physical therapist at Rathjen Physical Therapy can:
-Improve mobility
-Provide an alternative to surgery
-Manage or eliminate pain without medication

Your physical therapist at Rathjen Physical therapy can promote pain relief and tissue healing through modalities. Modalities include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, infrared light, and others. These interventions are research based and clinically effective. Your physical therapist will evaluate for specific limitations and deficits in movement, strength, and posture. This allows development of the most appropriate combination of manual treatment and exercise in the treatment plan. Flexibility, posture, and body mechanics education is incorporated throughout the patient’s care to reinforce long term back health. Your physical therapist can equip you to manage your condition, prevent re-injury and allow return to life’s activities.

Your physical therapist at Rathjen Physical Therapy can prepare you for surgery by providing an exercise program that targets the primary muscle groups affected by your condition. Increased muscle strength and flexibility will lead to a shorter and more successful surgical outcome.

Your physical therapist will help you after surgery by increasing range of motion, strength, and mobility. The rehabilitation will also be focused on helping reduce pain associated with your surgical procedure.

An evaluation will determine your specific deficits and your physical therapist at Rathjen Physical Therapy in Grand Island will develop a plan to address these needs. Generally, the treatment plan will involve challenging your balance systems within a controlled environment. Fall prevention techniques will be practiced and discussed. There are various reasons for balance problems and falls. Other medical causes will be examined in conjunction with your doctor.

A thorough evaluation will be performed by your physical therapist at Rathjen Physical Therapy to determine the cause of the pain. A common condition called plantar fasciitis is a possibility. It can be treated through modalities of infrared light, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and iontophoresis. Each of these will be focused on decreasing pain and inflammation. Your footwear and walking pattern will be evaluated. Appropriate interventions including flexibility and strengthening exercises will be provided. Your physical therapist may discuss other options such as orthotics.

You may have a condition called lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow. Modalities, exercise and bracing can be helpful. Changes in your work ergonomics and daily activities may also be incorporated.

There are a variety medical conditions accounting for muscle weakness. A physical therapist can help identify the basis for the weakness through an evaluation. An individualized group of exercises will be prescribed to specifically target the strength deficits.

Your physical therapist can decrease the tension in your neck and shoulders with modalities and soft tissue mobilization. Your physical therapist can also educate you on stretching, posture, and proper work space ergonomics. These should all contribute toward long term neck and shoulder health.

Many people experience pain in their knees after long walks or bike rides. In many cases, the pain is caused by improper tracking of your knee cap as you bend and straighten your leg, causing rubbing and inflammation in your knee joint. Your physical therapist at Rathjen Physical Therapy in Grand Island can help relieve the inflammation with modalities and an exercise program to re-educate the muscles. Manual taping techniques may also be utilized. If needed, your physical therapist can direct you to a brace to help with the knee cap tracking.

The pain in your shoulder is most likely caused from overuse of the specific muscles that make up the rotator cuff. Your physical therapist at Rathjen Physical Therapy can help decrease your pain with modalities and improve the integrity of your rotator cuff with strengthening, dynamic stabilization, and endurance exercises.


We always love to hear from our clients, patients and friends about the job we do and services we perform. Below is just a small sampling of what some of them had to say.


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