The Benefits of Physical Capacity Profile Assessments

By: Andrew Rathjen, PT

Picture this: You own a bakery and your shop is popular enough that you cannot keep up with all the orders by yourself. You need to hire another set of hands. They are a perfect fit, but how do you know they can perform the physical demands of the job? Those large bags of flour are fairly heavy, after all. This is where Physical Capacity Profiling assessment comes into play.

Physical Capacity Profile (PCP) services assess both new hires and those returning to work to determine whether they can handle the physical aspects of the job. These tests cover strength, endurance, range-of-motion, and more. According to the Occupational Performance Corporation, who developed the program, PCP assessments let you answer three important questions. Let us look at these three questions in detail:

1. Does your new hire have the strength and fitness required to do the job?
As touched on earlier, this aspect of PCP assessments looks at whether your new hire can perform all of the physical requirements of the job. If a hired worker is unable to meet your requirements, they are more likely to sustain an injury on the job.

2. Does your new employee have a pre-existing injury?
This aspect of PCP assessments determines whether your new hire has had an injury in the past. This may help protect from being liable to pay for an impairment that the employee received in the past if that the employee is in an accident on the job.

3. Is your employee ready to return to their job after recovering from an injury?
If an employee has recovered from an injury, PCP assessments help determine whether they are ready to return to work and can resume the physical requirements of the job. This will also help minimize future work injuries.

PCP assessments are the easiest way to make sure your new hires and return-to-works are fit for duty. Schedule your appointment with us and let Rathjen Physical Therapy take care of your hires.

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